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  Summer  Issue #3August 2010  
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In This Issue
Energy And Health Disruptions by Carolyn Walker
Energy And Health by Marty Rhea
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 Energy and Health Disruptions
 In medical training we pass licensing exams by understanding how to evaluate, diagnose and treat patient health disruptions.  When it comes to understanding energy flow in the body in preparing for our exams, our knowledge centers around the nervous system and its innervation of various body parts by particular nerves.  It is a fairly complex system of understanding the autonomic nervous system (it does things we don't think about) and its breakdown into sympathetic and parasympathetic counterparts. There are huge implications to the balance in our health if energy flow through the autonomic nervous system is out of balance.  But...until a disease process sets in place, we aren't taught to screen for "adrenal fatigue" that may precede the actual diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome, for example.  Further education after my licensing made me aware of the need to screen for the possibility of heavy metal toxicity in people with neurological diagnoses such as MS, ALS, Parkinson's, etc.

What we are not exposed to in medical training are other ways that energy flow through our body can be disrupted and impede healing.  In Eastern medicine, alternative pathways of energy flow through the body were mapped 2000 - 4000 years ago in China.  Until about 20 years ago, modern Western medicine was unconvinced of the efficacy of working with these 12 major "meridians" of energy flow.  Now we see crash courses that many licensed non-acupuncturist professionals (like those who disbelieved the concept of acupuncture a generation ago) take to be able to incorporate this modality into their "toolbox" of ways to assist the body to heal.  In Ayurvedic medicine, they mapped the "chakra" system which runs down the center of our body at various points.  Acupuncture points and chakras can be measured...they are real.

There are many ways to disrupt energy flow through the meridians and chakras.  It is interesting to me that each one of our teeth lie on a certain meridian of energy flow

http://preventionandhealing.com/articles/ToothOrganChart8.5x11.pdf and that by simply adding a foreign metal (like a mercury filling, or a nickel-lined crown) can disrupt energy flow through that meridian with effects elsewhere in the body.  Think about it...a "silver" filling is 50% mercury.  Mercury is the 2nd most toxic element on our planet next to plutonium.  Besides disrupting energy flow, it simply makes us toxic.  So why would the EPA stress its importance as such a toxic substance, yet the FDA and ADA approve its use as a preservative for vaccines and in dentistry in amalgams?

In 2001, I met Dr. Simon Yu who is my current internist (www.preventionandhealing.com). Dr. Yu practiced conventional medicine for about 10 years and noted generally as he layered prescribed medications according to protocol on his patients they often did not get better as he expected.  He finally transitioned into complementary medicine by going to many conferences and learning options to the traditional protocols we are taught.  It is interesting that his patients now generally stay well and do not need hospitalization for chronic illness as before.

One of the observations Dr. Yu has made over the past dozen years or so in practicing complementary medicine is that his patients with significant emotional traumas over their lifetime have a harder time healing than most of his patients.  He was one of the first practitioners to mention this to me.  His evidence came from doing the regular electrodermal screening on these patients as he does on all.  As I've learned more about "cellular memory" and the concept of balancing energy in our bodies this has made more sense to me.  It has also helped to work with a variety of patients over the past 9+ years of my practice. I can now state that I have this clinical observation as well. 

One goal in working with my patients is to use the least toxic chemicals to assist their bodies back into balance.  Therefore, it seems reasonable to use our body's chemicals that are depleted in the first place...or to balance those that are too high using their balancing counterpart (biochemically) in our body.  I often talk about the importance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids, carbohydrates as major chemicals we need to take in to form the important hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes and other life sustaining chemicals in our body. 

But what if a previous emotional trauma interferes with our body's ability to even take in the needed nutrient?  What if the cellular memory (stress) of that trauma interferes with each one of the billions of cells in our body's ability to use necessary nutrients?  What if that emotional trauma depletes our immune system over time to set us up to take on toxins easier than the next person?  What if the emotional trauma acts like an epigenetic effect in flipping on genetic switches and activating genes that would be silent otherwise (like those at risk for Alzheimer's, MS, Lou Gehrig's...the diagnostic list goes on and on).

And...what do we do to tame that emotional trauma that has upset our biology over time?  Can we extract that "cellular memory" from the billions of cells and begin a path to using our nutrients and healing?

Marty Rhea will answer these questions...read on!



 Marty RheaEnergy and Health

My introduction to energy itself was almost without thought. I was a small ten-year-old, living with my mother and older sister shortly after my father died. As with most other households in that time, my father cared for all the maintenance issues that came up, and my mother was completely ignorant of how some things were done. I, however, had been my dad's little shadow, and watched as he took care of those everyday things that my mother never knew about. One day, something electrical was overloaded, and we blew a fuse. This sent my mother into a panic, since she had no idea what to do about it. Without saying anything, I calmly went out to the back porch where the fuse box was, looked to see which fuse had blown, and replaced it. She was amazed and I was, for a brief moment, a hero. As the flow of energy was restored, normal activities could then resume.


Now think of what I just said in terms of your body. Where are your fuses blown? Can you think of some things that you wish you could resume?


Nothing anywhere operates without energy. Not the universe, the sun, the rotation of the earth on its axis, and not your body. Physicists talk about and work with energy and use equations to define it, but what does that mean for you personally? It means for you that if something in your body "blows a fuse," then some process will not work, and you will eventually have a sufficient problem to acquire a diagnosis.


My work with energy and the body began in earnest when I studied BioAcoustics in Ohio with Sharry Edwards. She teaches people a way to identify frequencies (an indicator of specific energy) that are out of balance in the body, and then to use low frequency sound to rebalance them. Knowing which things are out of balance is the first step toward preventing blown fuses. Another use of energy I have learned for health is the use of various types of muscle testing to identify which substances will be helpful, and which are not, for a particular person's body. This is helpful when the problem area is known or highly suspected, because the most helpful substances can be chosen to help restore the right biochemical balance.


My latest introduction to energy and health is the recent acquisition of a new technology that uses galvanic skin response to "read" the energy of the cells as frequencies are sent and received to determine balance or imbalance. This technology is called a Zyto, and is so new that I am still learning how to employ it to help people with questions and concerns they have about their health.  I have tested it on myself and will be attending advanced training later this month. Watch for more information to come about this exciting development!

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