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Prevention & Healing of IowaIssue Summer '14
Dear Bev,

I want to tell all of my clients about a potential way to do a session with me without traveling to my office. Zyto has the hand cradle available for clients to purchase and if connected to a computer that runs the Windows operating system, we can use Skype, FaceTime, or even a phone to discuss everything we would as though we were sitting in the same room. I can still test using the Elite Zyto software. It is very effective and will open up other possibilities for people who may not want to travel. See more information on the Zyto website at


Another recent change that has happened is that my husband and I have bought a home in Texas. Many of you know that I am from Texas, and have two children and several grandchildren there. Over the next few months, my job will be to get the house there remodeled so we can move. Although I will relocate to Texas, both my husband and I want to keep our Iowa connection. I am unsure of when I will be available in person, but remote sessions will always be an option, and I will keep everyone updated as I know more.


I am planning also to keep an area open and available in Prevention & Healing of Iowa with a chair and a computer available for those who don't want to do remote sessions for whatever reason in their homes. I will have to adjust my fees to accommodate the extra fees that Zyto will be charging me, but it will be as minimal as I can manage.


After I actually move, I will still be coming to Des Moines on a regular basis. I have loved working with every single one of you and hope to continue to do so. I appreciate your input and referrals are still very much welcome. Should you need anything specific during this transition, please let Janet or me know and I will do everything I can to accommodate you.


I have loved my time in Des Moines and have loved working with all of the people I have gotten to know and love here. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been invited into your lives and I really don't want that to end. I would be honored if you chose to continue working with me, despite the distance, and we could make the distance not be an obstacle at all.


With mixed emotions,


Marty Rhea, ND




This newsletter is primarily written for those persons who have been my clients, but separating them out can be a monumental task, so I am sending to everyone. If my news does not apply to you because you are Carolyn's patient and have never seen me, I apologize. Otherwise, this is for everyone I have worked with at Prevention & Healing of Iowa.


Marty Rhea, ND, MH, CNC, CHS, CNHP
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