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Spring  Issue No. 2 April  2010 
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In This Issue
Spring Cleaning by Carolyn Walker
It's Not Just One Thing by Marty Rhea
Spring Cleaning Your Energy by Jenni Snodgrass
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 Spring Cleaning
In the realm of functional medicine, it has been suggested we do a Spring and Fall cleansing of our bodies. This makes sense once one realizes the daily exposure to chemicals that we absorb from ingesting, inhaling or submerging in them. Examples would be the diesel fumes we inhale as we sit behind vehicle's exhaust at stop lights, the chlorine we absorb from city water as we take our daily shower/bath, the pesticides and herbicides we absorb as we walk through grassy areas, the plastics that leach out of bottles/cups that we drink out of, the aluminum and plasticizers from TV dinner trays and cans.
Just yesterday, I received a medical journal showing a plethora of different pills spewing from a typical home faucet...this article was titled, "H20, No! Medical Waste in Our Water" (http://www.clinicianreviews.com/index.asp?page=813355.xml). This article cited male fish becoming feminized and laying eggs due to metabolites of ethinyl estradiol...a commonly used synthetic form of estrogen used in birth control pills and synthetic hormone replacement therapy. In short, we are urinating out metabolites of all kinds of drugs we take into municipal water systems and they do not have filtration systems to remove them.  Another journal I received this week has an attention-grabbing title, "Is Your Home Toxic?" Pay attention to the shift in awareness as how these items affect our health and begin to change your exposure to those under your control.
About 80,000 toxic chemicals have been released into our environment and very few have been tested for their long-term impact on human health. According to the nonprofit organization Environmental Working Group (EWG), the average newborn baby has 287 known toxins in his or her umbilical cord blood. If a newborn is exposed to that many toxins, imagine how many you have been exposed to in your lifetime...
Although I've been interested in environmental toxins' effects on our health for several years and try to educate my patients of associated health risks, most do not learn about this from their healthcare practitioners...and they should. We will not be able to continue to ignore the fact before long that environmental toxins lie behind the litany of chronic disease in our country/world. The list of exposure goes on and on. For further information read "The Autoimmune Epidemic" by Najazawa and/or "Our Stolen Future" by Colburn.
Having been diagnosed myself with heavy metal toxicity and experiencing the health benefits of detoxifying them from my body is the reason I've continued to search out and understand more about their effects on our overall health. It can be ENORMOUS. Dr. Amy Yasko, Phd, NHD, AMD, HHP, FAAIM (molecular biologist and naturopathic physician) is helping to generate awareness by researching and disseminating information related to our genetic ability to methylate (detoxify) anything we come into contact with. She has a laundry list of chronic diseases that can be helped, and reversed, by being able to be a better methylater. Learn more from her websites at www.holistichealth.com
On April 21st, 2010, at Roosevelt High School I will be piloting my first local class on Environmental Toxins and our Health.  I've had the pleasure of addressing this topic to national audiences of health practitioners and look forward to sharing information with our local residents.  Please attend and learn some simple ways to detoxify your environment and yourself!
 Marty Rhea
 It's Not Just One Thing...
It's really lots of things. You get some diagnosis, you feel tired, and you are in pain. Your friend tells you to take some vitamin, your doctor tells you to lose weight, and your mother tells you to just relax. What do you do? Who should you listen to? How can you ever negotiate all the possibilities and know what is right for you?

All these things are important: diet, exercise, reducing stress, taking supplements, and dealing with old emotional issues. But where do you start? How do you know what to do? No one can change everything all at once. So what is the most important?

The answer is different for each person, but it doesn't have to be hard. For example, let's say your doctor tells you that you need to lose twenty pounds. That sounds hard. Some people join Weight Watchers. Others start some gym membership, but most everyone will do their new plan for a time, and maybe even lose weight, but it almost always comes right back, right? Why is that?

The simple answer is that for all we eat, most of us are nutrient deprived. We overeat because we are not getting what we really need, so we keep eating. That leads to weight gain, but we are still nutrient poor. The weight makes us feel terrible both physically and emotionally, so now we are too fat and too stressed. The extra weight makes our joints hurt, and we are exhausted all the time. Some of us even take vitamins, so what is wrong?

Tests show that the foods that we eat today have very few nutrients compared to foods grown in the past. We all need to supplement vitamins and minerals in order to get what our bodies really need. The supplements we take need to be bio-available - that means that they need to be in a form that our bodies can actually use. If we were to start taking that type of supplement, some of our weight would begin to come off, our stress would be reduced, our joints wouldn't hurt so much, and we wouldn't be so tired, all from making only one change.

Now, I realize this is the Cliff Notes version; nothing is ever as simple as it seems. There are complications, and people are just different. But what if you were one of those people for whom a change that simple could make a huge difference? Would you do it? How will you know if you don't try?

I know there are some people whose situation, life, or health doesn't fit the simple answers. But think of the Bell Curve. Statistically, most of us are in the middle somewhere, and that means for most of us a simple answer would solve a lot.

If you need help with knowing how to implement these types of changes, there are practitioners at Prevention & Healing of Iowa who can help. See if we can help you.

 Spring Cleaning Your Energy
After a long hard winter, spring has finally sprung, and with the growing sunlight we shift our energy into a higher gear. I often feel the urge to do spring cleaning this time of year. It's time to clear the old clothes I don't wear anymore out of the closet. When I remove the clutter from my living space it helps the busy activities of my life to flow through my home with less effort.
It's also a good time to remember to check and see if my energy field needs spring cleaning too. Life force energy flows through us and is better utilized by our mind, body, and spirit if its flow is not impeded by blocks caused by negative emotions, traumas, and losses. Strong emotions, if not expressed fully, often are lodged in the cells of our bodies. When life force energy is restricted or blocked, we have less energy for living life and our health and well-being is greatly reduced. It can lead to feelings of stress, anxiety and even depression.
The good news is there are many techniques, both ancient and modern, to clear and balance the energy in and surrounding your body, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy), and Reiki. This is part of the ever growing field of Metaphysics or energy healing. Is it time for you to spring clean your energy field? I would love to help. Call me for more information.
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